At All-West we pride ourselves in knowing we have partnered with some of the best manufacturers in the industry. Click the logos below for more information about each product line.

Adhesives, Heat Shrink Tubing,

Hook & Loop Fasteners, Epoxies,

 Hot-Melt, Bumpons.

Precision Ball Bearing Drawer Slides for Electronic Enclosures and Industrial Applications

Storage Bins, Containers, Totes, & Parts Management Systems

Reed Relays, Reed Switches,


Sealing Screws, Sealing Washers & Nuts, Sealing Boots for Switches & Breakers

Blind Threaded Inserts and Studs, Pneumatic and Electrical Setting Tools, Automated Equipment

Fuses, Fuse Blocks, Fuse Holders, Metal Oxide Varistors, SurgX ESD Protection

Self-Clinching Fasteners for Sheet Metal and Circuit Boards

PC Board Standoffs, Card Guides, Clamps, Cable Ties & Mounts, Wire Routing Hardware

Standoffs, Spacers, Jack Screws, Captive Panel Screws, Chassis Fastener

Solderless Terminals, Quick Disconnects, Splices, Crimping Tools

Strain Reliefs & Cord Grips,

Liquid Tight Fittings, Bushings & Plugs, Flexible Conduit

Blind Rivets, Lock Bolts & Collars, Semi-Tubular Rivets, KingSet Rivet Tooling

Circuit Board Hardware, Terminals, Standoffs, Battery & Fuse Holders, Brackets

Standoffs, Spacers, Terminals, Panel & Mounting Hardware, Connector Hardware

MAGNUM Terminal Blocks, EURO-MAG European Style Terminal Blocks

Multi-Conductor Cable, Coaxial Cable, Wire, RF Connectors

Circuit Protection, Power Fuses, Fuse Holders & Blocks, Disconnect

PC Standoffs & Spacers, Handles,

Captive Panel Screws, Thumbscrews,

Shoulder Screws

Washers, Clips, Clamps, Plugs, Insulators, Buss Bars, Custom Stampings

Latches, Hinges, Quarter-turn Fasteners, Captive Fasteners, Handles & Pulls,

Cam Locks

Spring Loaded Devices, Leveling Pads, Industrial Glides, Ball-Lock Pins

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